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20 July 2024

Tuffa Takes on the Antarctic Chill

Almost as far south as you can go, a Tuffa Tank found itself in the sub-zero temperatures of the Antarctic. Directly below Southern America, the Tuffa 2300-litre steel bunded tank took the 9000-mile journey to Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island, Antarctica.


The Boat Shed

The new heating oil tank was used to supply the upgraded heating system at the boat shed at Rothera Station, which supports all the marine science conducted from the station.

The Estates Team, who were recommended to Tuffa Tanks by their supplier shared an insight into the heating tank and its use:

“The previous small heater was equipped with its own onboard day tank. We took the opportunity to improve safety and endurance by going for a larger external tank to support the new heater. We use heating oil (marine gas oil) because all our fuel is transported to the station by our science and logistics ship the ‘RSS Sir David Attenborough’. The fuel is then used to produce electricity in the energy centre, and heating for the buildings. The fuel is delivered to many of the building’s day tanks via a site-wide ring main. However, many are still serviced by a mobile bowser on skis or wheels, depending on season.”

Why Tuffa?

When asked of the reason’s for opting for a Tuffa Tank, the team went on to say:

“We chose this tank as it meets our requirements for both fire and UV-resistant. We also require all tanks to be bunded for environmental protection. Fire protection is of extra importance as being so remote we must provide our own fire cover. The capacity is a balance between endurance and environmental protection. We want enough fuel to see us through a couple of stormy weeks but must remain mindful of the potential spill volume should there be a disaster of any kind. we take environmental protection very seriously.”


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