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19 April 2024

Diesel Revolution: NE Transport’s Tuffa Tank Transformation

NE Transport Solutions, a leading freight company managing a diverse fleet of over 50 HGVs, embarked on a journey to enhance its operations and fueling infrastructure. The company’s Transport Manager, Zoltan, spearheaded this initiative as they experienced a surge in freight requirements post the initial lockdown. To capitalise on the increased revenue, NE Transport Solutions invested in a new workshop and a state-of-the-art diesel dispensing tank to fuel their extensive fleet.

The decision to upgrade was driven by the limitations of their outdated 45,000L diesel tank, which was nearly three decades old. Zoltan highlighted its basic features, such as the manual gauging system requiring a ladder and dipstick, and the absence of a fuel management system leading to manual record-keeping. Recognising the need for modernisation, Zoltan explored various tank manufacturers, ultimately choosing Tuffa for their prompt responses, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing.

“We shopped around and made some enquiries with tank manufacturers. Tuffa were always quick to respond, had excellent customer service and had slightly shorter lead times. The tank was a good price too, not the cheapest of all the quotes but it was worth paying a little more for better specs and additional equipment.”

Opting for Tuffa’s 50,000L steel diesel dispensing tank, customised to meet specific requirements, NE Transport Solutions witnessed a substantial improvement in their fueling processes. The tank’s integrally bunded design, advanced filtration system, and digital capabilities addressed the shortcomings of the old tank. Zoltan praised the tank’s simplicity, highlighting the seamless transition to a digital system and the elimination of laborious paperwork.

The inclusion of a fuel management system proved to be a game-changer, offering real-time insights into fuel usage. Zoltan emphasised the efficiency gains, with tasks like calculating annual fuel usage now taking mere seconds. Each driver and lorry having unique access codes ensured accurate tracking of individual fuel consumption, enhancing overall security.

The strategic placement of a 10m hose reel accommodated the varying fuel tank positions in their diverse fleet, streamlining the refueling process, especially during peak times. The high flow pump further expedited fueling, contributing to significant time savings. The tank’s extra capacity and precise contents gauge played a crucial role in improving fuel security, allowing for weekly fuel drops to prevent shortages during unforeseen events.

“I’m very happy, the new Tuffa tank is simple to use and a huge improvement on the old one. We’re currently in the process of going digital and with the new fuel management system there is no more paperwork required. It’s also saving on labour on tasks such as taking wet stock levels. We used to have to calculate annual fuel usage and average fuel consumptions which meant adding up wads of paperwork but now it takes seconds for simple export and boom jobs done. Each driver and lorry have its own key or code so we can work out exactly how much fuel they are using. We’re suddenly using less fuel now – the new system is more secure.”

NE Transport Solutions also lauded Tuffa’s Aftersales care, particularly Quality Manager Cheryl, for their swift response to address a gauge calibration issue. The new tank, now fully operational, has become a cornerstone in NE Transport Solutions’ commitment to efficiency and innovation. Zoltan’s positive experience has already set the stage for potential future collaborations, with plans for a high-capacity AdBlue tank to further optimise their operations.

For businesses seeking to revolutionise their fueling infrastructure, Tuffa’s range of diesel tanks, available in capacities up to 30,000L in plastic and 100,000L in steel, offers a customisable and durable solution. Explore our expert guide to diesel tanks for comprehensive insights into optimising fuel storage and management, paving the way for a seamless and efficient operation.

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