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19 April 2024

Efficiency Unleashed: Tuffa’s Diesel Tank Powers Moreton Hall Farm’s Thriving Operation

Meet Oliver Wales, a dedicated farmer and owner of Moreton Hall Farm in Norfolk, whose commitment to agriculture runs deep in his genes. Managing a sprawling 700-acre farm, Oliver’s reliance on efficient fueling for his arable and beef herding operations led him to reevaluate his existing diesel tanks.

The Challenge: Oliver’s two small red diesel tanks, in use for over a decade, faced challenges common to prolonged use. The accumulation of sludge, exacerbated by the blending of biodiesel into regular diesel, posed a risk of clogging in the outdated filtration systems. Recognising the importance of prevention against the notorious ‘diesel bug,’ Oliver sought a long-term solution to enhance fuel quality.

The Solution – Tuffa Tank Recommended: Oliver, known for his frugality and trust in The AF Group’s advice, turned to the experts for guidance. The AF Group, familiar with Oliver’s needs, recommended Tuffa’s 3,500-litre plastic bunded diesel tank. This robust tank not only addressed Oliver’s capacity requirements but also featured a 10-micron water and particulate filtration system, combating the diesel bug effectively.

Installation and Features: The Tuffa tank, equipped with reliable dispensing and safety equipment secured within a lockable cabinet, promised ease of maintenance. Installation requirements were minimal, needing only a solid base and an electric connection. The option of a 12/24V connection offered flexibility, allowing placement even in areas without mains electricity.

Farm Fuelling Operations: The recommended tank found its place at Moreton Hall Farm, fueling the essential vehicles—a fleet consisting of 180 and 250 horse tractors and a JCB loader. These vehicles, vital to year-round farm tasks, demanded a reliable and efficient diesel supply.

Customer Satisfaction: Oliver, upon assessing the new tank’s performance, expressed his satisfaction. Impressed with the tank’s build, the 10-micron filter’s efficiency, and the overall security and simplicity, Oliver commended The AF Group’s foresight. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, the timely delivery of the tank showcased the collaborative effort between Tuffa and The AF Group.

Collaboration in Action: This collaborative effort between Oliver, Tuffa Tanks, and The AF Group exemplifies a successful partnership. The upgraded tank, receiving regular 3,000-litre red diesel deliveries from The AF Group at competitive prices, ensures Moreton Hall Farm operates seamlessly. This partnership not only facilitates day-to-day farm activities but also contributes to the farm’s vital role in sustaining the country’s food supply.

In the end, Tuffa’s reliable tank, tailored to Oliver’s needs, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of collaboration and expertise in meeting the unique challenges of agricultural fueling.


For those seeking in-depth insights into optimising diesel storage and dispensing solutions, Tuffa Tanks offers a comprehensive resource. Refer to our Expert Guide to Diesel Tanks, a valuable repository of knowledge that delves into key considerations, industry best practices, and expert recommendations. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer like Oliver or exploring diesel tank options for the first time, our guide provides valuable information to make informed decisions about your fuel storage needs. Empower your operations with knowledge and explore the expertise Tuffa brings to the world of diesel tanks.

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