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19 April 2024

Fuelling Success: Tuffa Tanks and Pitch Heating Ltd Raise the Bar at Leeds United’s Thorp Arch Training Ground

In the dynamic world of Premier League football, where pitch conditions can make or break a game, innovation becomes key. For Ken Pryor, founder of Pitch Heating Ltd, pioneering solutions for optimal playing conditions has been a lifelong pursuit. Established in 1979, Pitch Heating Ltd has become a go-to name in the industry, especially when it comes to upgrading football pitches.

Fast forward to the present day, and Pitch Heating Ltd is working on a significant project – the modernisation of the pitches at Elland Road Stadium and Thorp Arch training grounds for Leeds United. In a sport where precision and predictability are paramount, maintaining consistent pitch conditions is not just an option; it’s a necessity.

The Evolution of Professional Pitches

Ed Chappelow, Director at Chappelow Sports Turf Limited, was entrusted with the task of providing a full pitch reconstruction at Thorp Arch. Modern professional pitches have come a long way from the simple soil pitches of the past. The new pitch construction involves layers of gravel, sand, a sand/soil mix, and a hybrid turf with stitched synthetic fibers for optimal playing conditions and grass maintenance.

However, one critical aspect that has remained constant over the years is the need for effective frost and snow prevention measures. With Leeds United aiming for Premier League standards, the training ground’s pitch is meticulously designed to replicate stadium conditions. It’s not just about the game; it’s about preparing the players for the exact surface, size, and dimensions they’ll encounter during matches.

The Challenge: Heating the Pitch Efficiently

One of the key challenges in this ambitious project was heating the pitch efficiently. In the past, electric cables were used to prevent frost and snow on pitches, but they often resulted in overheating. Ken Pryor and his team at Pitch Heating Ltd had a groundbreaking idea – why not use water-based underfloor heating systems, similar to those used in buildings, to heat the pitch?

With a revolutionary concept in hand, Pitch Heating Ltd needed reliable equipment to bring their vision to life. The remote location of Thorp Arch made connecting to the gas grid economically unviable. This is where Tuffa Tanks came into play.

Tuffa Tanks: A Reliable Solution

Ken Pryor decided to use kerosene heating, and he calculated that a 10,000-litre oil tank would provide sufficient oil storage to heat the pitch for at least a week during cold weather. The choice of Tuffa’s 10,000-litre plastic bunded oil tank was driven by its proven track record and reliability.

While gas is a common choice for heating water, the remote location of the Thorp Arch training ground made kerosene a more practical option. The self-contained boiler, connected to the 36,500 meters of MDE piping running the length of the pitch, ensures efficient and controlled heating. With strict time constraints on the build and a need for reliable equipment, Tuffa’s tank was a natural choice.

Ken Pryor’s Trust in Tuffa Tanks

Ken Pryor, Director at Pitch Heating Ltd, expressed his confidence in Tuffa Tanks, citing their exceptional quality and service. Having previously used Tuffa tanks for projects with Crystal Palace and Derby County, Ken highlighted the ease of siting large-capacity tanks without the costs associated with steel. For him, Tuffa Tanks’ commitment to quality and seamless service from order to delivery makes them the preferred choice.

Conclusion: A Winning Combination

As the construction of the Thorp Arch training pitch nears completion, the synergy between Pitch Heating Ltd and Tuffa Tanks stands out as a winning combination. The dedication to innovation, coupled with reliable and efficient solutions, ensures that Leeds United’s players will have a pitch that not only meets but exceeds Premier League standards.

In the world of football infrastructure, where every detail matters, the collaboration between Pitch Heating Ltd and Tuffa Tanks serves as a testament to the pursuit of excellence. As the Thorp Arch pitch gets ready for action, it’s not just a field – it’s a stage set for success, fueled by innovation and supported by industry-leading solutions.

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