19 April 2024

(Ad)Blue sky thinking from Warrens Group and Tuffa

Warrens Group, a forward-thinking, wholly owned subsidiary of BioCapital Ltd, has grown from humble beginnings to food waste recycling pioneers.

The biogas producers process food waste that would otherwise be incinerated or taken to landfill and convert it into energy and fertilisers. Each year the company collects 115,000 tonnes of organic waste and, via anaerobic digestion, converts it into 100,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser and 100 million kWh of clean, green, renewable energy.

The company’s fleet of 15 trucks travels the surrounding area collecting food waste from commercial customers. Five of the trucks are both carbon neutral and ‘self-sufficient’, having converted to run directly from biomethane originating from the food waste they collect.

Warrens Group’s Senior Engineer Muaid Sharif sought to upgrade from the company’s IBCs which were ‘disorganised, messy and in the wrong location. The remaining trucks still run on diesel and require AdBlue to reduce harmful emissions to meet the environmental targets set by the company.”

After a discussion with our Sales Team, Muaid selected our 2,500L AdBlue dispensing tank with tier-one ancillaries, including a 230V pump, automatic shut-off nozzle with an integrated digital flowmeter and a manual float level gauge fitted within the secure tank lid.

With the IBCs removed, Mauid and his team installed the AdBlue tank on the site along with existing Tuffa fuel tanks: a 15,000L and 3,500L diesel dispensing tank. The AdBlue tank sits proudly on the company’s one-way system allowing trucks to efficiently unload the organic waste and refuel on the same route.

Once installed, we caught up with Mauid to see how the new AdBlue tank was performing:

Mauid says, “The new tank is the perfect size giving us at least a two-week supply of AdBlue and is the ideal replacement for the old IBC. We now have a dedicated, enclosed AdBlue filling station which complies with all the regulations and company objectives. It’s much easier to work with, much more cost-effective and filling the trucks is quicker too.”

One of the critical benefits of storage tanks is the additional savings from buying AdBlue in larger volumes. Compared with a 1,000L IBC, the Warrens Group’s 2,500L tank could effectively pay for itself within a year.

Tuffa, a proud British manufacturer, builds some of the highest capacity AdBlue tanks on the market with six capacities ranging from 1,350L to 15,000L, meaning there is actual business-critical scope to lower the cost of AdBlue per litre.

Mauid explained that the Warrens Group fleet typically uses between 800L to 1,000L of AdBlue each week which, given the company’s weekly fuel usage, would give them a continuous stock of at least 1,000L. The soaring cost of natural gas has caused severe fluctuations in AdBlue prices, which has led to the temporary closure of several production sites.

Warrens Group’s additional storage capacity provides much-needed resilience. It will give them more flexibility to purchase AdBlue when prices drop while enabling the waste collection trucks to operate uninterrupted for extended periods in the event of AdBlue shortages.

Contact our friendly Sales team for more information and advice or quotes, including discounts on trade prices on our AdBlue range.

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